ODGEREL Dorjgochoo, Ph.D.

Mongolian Foundation for Science and Technology

Director's Greeting

   The Mongolian Foundation for Science and Technology aims to take the lead in ensuring the implementation of the government’s policies in the field of science, technology, and innovation. We are developing a plan to expand our operations and implement comprehensive measures such as budget planning and spending optimization in the sector, results-based financing, acceleration of e-transition in the industry, and human resource development. 

  The activities and organisational structure of the foundation will be enhanced in line with international standards. Expanding cooperation among the government, private sector, scientists, and researchers is crucial to solve the problems facing society and the economy by carrying out interdisciplinary research.

   We will pay special attention to the quality of research and development results, optimization of types and forms, acceptance of project proposals, improvement and transparency of the selection process based on competitive principles, and implementation of results in production and services.

   The development of the science and innovation system and intellectual production depends heavily on the collective strength, effort, and participation of scientists and the private sector to improve the economic benefits of the sector.

  I believe that the Mongolian Foundation of Science and Technology, scientists and researchers will work together to make contributions to Mongolia’s social development, enhance national competence and competitiveness, and participate in the role of science to the economic diversification.

     Country development begins with science.